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Acibadem Group of Hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey

Leading Multi-Specialty Hospital in Turkey: World-class medical services and personalized care.

Exceptional Team of Doctors: 7,500+ health professionals with expertise in treating simple to complex conditions.

Acibadem Group of Hospitals

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Experience Holistic and World-Class Healthcare

Acibadem Hospital Group, founded in 1991 in Istanbul, Turkey, comprises 24 multi-specialty hospitals and 14 outpatient clinics.

Specializing in oncology, kidney, liver, and bone marrow transplantation, we provide exceptional healthcare services to over 5 million patients annually.

Our team of 7,500+ dedicated health professionals ensures personalized, preventative, and curative care for both native and international patients.

5 Million

5 Million

Patients visiting Acibadem every year.



Hospitals providing world-class medical service across the globe.



Outpatient clinics ensuring affordable medical care.



Dedicated Cancer Centres for specialised cancer treatment.

Why use us

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  • -Personalised healthcare solutions tailored to your individual needs.
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Hospital Locations

Leading the Way in Outstanding Care

Experience Modern Infrastructure

  • 83+ operating theatres for efficient surgeries
  • 14 IVF Centres provide successful fertility treatments
  • 3 FIFA-accredited Sports Medicine for expert injury care
  • 10 Transplantation Centres for comprehensive transplant care
  • 16 Heart Care Centres facilitate advanced cardiac treatments
  • Health Point Lounge ensure comfort for international patients
  • Personal interpreters provide seamless communication.
Experience Modern Infrastructure

Exceptional Technology with Extraordinary Care

  • Specialised light scan technique for early cervical cancer detection.
  • Using post-urography (Balance) equipment, balance abnormalities can be identified and treated.
  • During surgery, a 3-Tesla MRI will produce high-resolution pictures.
  • Cataracts are treated with a femtosecond laser.
  • Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment using 4D ultrasound.
  • Prostate biopsy 3D imaging and navigation system.
  • Cyberknife for total body cancer treatment.
Exceptional Technology with Extraordinary Care

Acibadem Group of Hospitals Accreditation & Awards

Healthcare Service Export Category Award
JCI Accreditation
Horizon Interactive Awards
FIFA-accredited Acıbadem Sports Medicine Centre
ISO 15180 Medical Laboratory Accreditation
LEED Gold certificate

Services offered at Acibadem Group of Hospitals

Acibadem Group of Hospitals

The No. 1 Hospital in Turkey

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