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Our Collaborative Initiative with Insurers

At My 1Health, we understand that an individual's well-being knows no bounds. As we forge ahead in our mission to assist more patients in accessing specialised healthcare services in the global healthcare landscape, we are delighted to offer insurance providers an unparalleled opportunity for mutually beneficial collaboration.

Our innovative Guarantee of Pay not only empowers policyholders with seamless access to specialised healthcare services at our esteemed partner hospitals but also unlocks myriad of synergistic possibilities for our esteemed insurance partners.

What My 1Health has to offer to insurance companies

Services Tailored To Your Policy Holders

Explore a top-notch medical service, curated to meet the distinct requirements of your clientele.
  • In-Person Appointments

    We arrange face-to-face consultations with specialists, ensuring timely and appropriate care for your clients.

  • Emergency Evacuation

    Our prompt and efficient emergency evacuation services ensure immediate medical attention in critical medical situations.

  • Online Video Consultations

    We provide online consultations for second medical opinions and consultations, allowing your policyholders to consult with top specialists from the comfort of their homes.

  • Visa Assistance

    Our experts guide your clients through the visa application, ensuring all travel documents meet medical travel requirements.

  • Hotel Booking and Airport Transfers

    We provide a curated list of hotels and manage airport transfers, simplifying your clients’ medical tourism journey.

  • Post-Treatment Follow-up

    Our service includes comprehensive follow-up care with regular check-ins to support a quick and effective recovery.

Our Network of Leading Medical Partnerships

Access top-tier hospitals and specialised medical professionals globally.


Patients Assisted


Specialised Doctors



How it works

Efficient healthcare coordination
  1. 01

    Partnership Inception

    My 1Health initiates discussions with the insurance provider to establish a collaborative partnership agreement, outlining the scope and benefits of the collaboration.
  2. 02

    Seamless Treatment Facilitation

    When a policyholder needs specialised medical services covered by their insurance, My 1Health swiftly coordinates with relevant healthcare providers within its extensive global network.
  3. 03

    Reporting & Settlement

    Comprehensive reports are shared with the insurance provider to ensure transparency and streamline reimbursements, boosting patient satisfaction and trust in the partnership.

Guarantee of Payment (GOP)

At My 1Health, we understand the complexities of providing healthcare services to a diverse clientele. The GOP serves as a financial cornerstone ensuring a seamless transactional experience, allowing you to extend your services without the administrative burden.

By partnering with us, you gain the advantage of prompt and assured payments, streamlined processes, and an extensive network of reputable healthcare providers. We take on financial and logistical responsibilities, allowing you to concentrate on enhancing client satisfaction.

Benefits of the GOP

  • Specialised Case Expertise

    Our team's expertise in facilitating specialised medical cases ensures accurate and acceptable quotes, eliminating the need for a reimbursement model.

  • Streamlined Claims Processing

    The GOP eliminates the complexities of healthcare billing and coordination. We consolidate all claims from overseas treatment under one invoice.

  • Optimised Care Coordination

    We work closely with clients and healthcare providers to coordinate care plans. This ensures the right services are delivered at the right time, avoiding unnecessary hospitalisations or procedures.

Streamlined Transparency in Patient Care with Real-Time Insights

Our Insurance Portal serves as a centralised platform, offering real-time updates and comprehensive data on patient status, treatments, and financials. This transparency eliminates the often-murky areas encountered once a patient travels for treatment.

The portal frees you from administrative complexities, allowing you to concentrate on strategic growth and enhanced client engagement.

What My 1Health has to offer to insurance companies

Benefits of Our Portal

  • Real-Time Insights

    Provides live updates on patient status, treatments, and claims, enabling you to make timely and informed decisions.

  • Cost Tracking

    Offers detailed financial analytics, allowing you to monitor and manage healthcare costs effectively.

  • Comprehensive Case Management

    Utilises features that streamline the healthcare journey for your policyholders, from initial consultation to post-treatment care.

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