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A High-Performing Workforce Starts with Better Health

With a passion for elevating your workforce’s well-being and productivity, My 1Health tailors healthcare solutions. We are not just a medical facilitator; we are your strategic partner in driving employee health and, consequently, your business success.

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Unmasking Corporate Health Challenges

In an environment where business success relies heavily on employee performance, overlooking healthcare can be a costly oversight.

At My 1Health, we believe the key to a healthy workforce begins with understanding your employees’ healthcare needs. We do a comprehensive assessment, setting the stage for connecting your employees to our global network of hospitals for targeted, effective solutions.

  • Beyond Basic Coverage

    Don't settle for the standard! Traditional insurance often misses out on employee well-being perks that can make a real difference.
  • Global Healthcare Access

    Local insurers fall short in covering the complexities of international medical needs, leaving specialised treatments underfunded.
  • Transparent Healthcare Costs

    Ending the era of ambiguous charges and inflated expenses, ensuring financial clarity and fair premiums.
  • Tackling Absenteeism

    Addressing absenteeism due to health issues effectively can enhance work-life balance and productivity.
What My 1Health has to offer to insurance companies

Holistic Healthcare Solutions for a Productive Workforce

Discover a diverse range of high-quality services, expertly tailored to meet the unique needs of your employees.
  1. Booking assistance A dedicated support specialist for your medical journey

    Booking assistance

    Think of a medical facilitator as your go-to person for all healthcare appointments. We will handle the booking process with specialised doctors regionally and internationally, allowing your employees to skip the queues. As a result, your workforce can spend more time doing what they do best: driving your business forward.

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  2. International medical treatment 100% Staff satisfaction

    International medical treatment

    No borders, no barriers - just world-class medical treatment. From immediate access to globally renowned hospitals to emergency evacuations, we've removed all the obstacles. We even take care of visa requirements and curated accommodation, making international medical treatment an elevated experience from start to finish.

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  3. Virtual Healthcare Consultations 1 Platform for your employees healthcare needs

    Virtual Healthcare Consultations

    Offering more than just a virtual visit, our digital healthcare consultations provide timely, expert medical advice right at your fingertips, saving you both time and effort. The result? A workforce empowered with quality healthcare insights, reduced absenteeism, and a boost in overall productivity.

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Transforming Lives Together

Measuring Success in Numbers


Patients Assisted


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Seamless Integration with Your Business

Effortless Healthcare Coordination
  1. 01

    Initial Needs Assessment

    A dedicated team evaluates your company's specific healthcare needs, ensuring we tailor solutions that align perfectly with your goals.
  2. 02

    Customised Implementation Plan

    Building on the initial assessment, we architect a healthcare programme to fulfil your employee wellness needs while meeting your corporate objectives.
  3. 03

    End to-End Medical Facilitation

    Finally, our team integrates the customised healthcare blueprint into your daily business functions with minimal disruption so that you can focus on what matters most.

Shaping the Future of Corporate Health

Let's team up for employee well-being, building a brighter, more productive future together. Dive into our collaborative healthcare solutions and be part of the transformation.

  1. Comprehensive Health Reporting

    Gain real-time insights into employee health with transparent, step-by-step updates, regardless of whether treatment is local or global.

  2. Corporate Healthcare Packages

    Enjoy bundled, cost-effective healthcare solutions that simplify employee benefits and enhance accessibility to their well-being.

  3. Digital Health Solutions

    Utilise cutting-edge technology to manage employee health effortlessly, transforming healthcare access into a seamless digital experience.

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