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Dr Mercy Kariuki

Nairobi , Kenya KMPDC accredited Instant appointment confirmation KES 4,000 standard consultation fee


  • Highly recommended Dermatologist in Nairobi.
  • Specialises in treating skin, hair, and nail conditions in children and adults.
  • Consultant Dermatologist for top public and private hospitals.

Services Offered

In-person Consultation  (KES 4,000)
Medical  Procedure
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Languages Spoken

English Swahili

About Dr Mercy Kariuki

Dr Mercy Kariuki is a top-rated Dermatologist treating hair, nail, and skin conditions in children and adults. With a track record of success, she has earned a reputation as the go-to Dermatologist in Nairobi. She is versed with the latest skin treatments and is skilled in dealing with different skin types. Whether you are dealing with acne, eczema, psoriasis, or melanoma, she has the expertise to help you through. Aside from private practice, she headed the Dermatology department at Makueni County Referral Hospital. Her personalised care and diligent follow-up with her patients ensure each the best possible care. Patient testimonials attest to her friendly, compassionate approach and tailored care. If you need high-quality hair, nail, or skincare, Dr Mercy Kariuki is an excellent choice.

Education & Career

  • Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine
    American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).
  • Master of Science (M.SC.) in Clinical Dermatology
    Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom.
  • Medical Doctor (MBCHB)
    University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Certificate in Senior Management
    Kenya School of Government.
  • Certificate in Strategic Leadership Development Programme
    Kenya School of Government.
  • First Aid
    St. John Ambulance

Procedures & Conditions


Treatments & procedures

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Provider Location

Nairobi, Kenya

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