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Specialised liver transplant

My 1Health network has internationally accredited hospitals that provide high-quality care to patients who need liver transplantation. Our facilities have liver transplant specialists with expertise in providing living donor, deceased, and split liver transplants.

Specialised liver transplant

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Liver transplantation involves the removal of a diseased liver and replacing it with a healthy one. A patient with an end-stage liver disease (chronic liver failure) may require a liver transplant.

In some instances, the transplantation of the whole liver is not always necessary; only a section of the liver is needed for paediatric transplant patients to treat biliary atresia, the most common liver disease in children.

How do I start the liver transplant process?

Liver transplantation is recommended when the liver is not able to function adequately leading to liver failure. The liver is, however, the only organ that can regrow after damage or surgical removal. Early diagnosis and treatment are recommended.

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Specialised liver transplant process

Looking for comprehensive liver transplant procedures?

  • Deceased organ donation

    This type of liver transplant involves getting an organ or a part of an organ at the time of the donor's death.

  • Living donor liver transplant

    It involves the removal of a portion of the liver from a healthy living person and placing it into someone whose liver is no longer working.

  • Split donation

    This type of liver transplant involves the removal of a liver from a deceased person; the liver is split into two pieces; each piece is transplanted into different individuals, where they will grow to normal size.

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Numbers from our network


Liver transplants performed at Apollo Hospitals, India


1-year survival rate for liver transplants performed at Acibadem International Hospital, Turkey


Successful paediatric and adult liver transplants in India performed at Apollo Hospitals, India

Book your liver transplant seamlessly at a world-class health facility

Book your liver transplant seamlessly at a world-class health facility

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Success stories from our patients

  • I am fortunate to have many excellent doctors in my family and amongst my friends. I never thought I needed a special primary care physician. I was so wrong. I did a lot of research and came to Dr. Kalik. What a difference it’s made. She is unique in her care: so present, so thorough, so smart, so caring, so organized. And to top it off, her office works very well in scheduling, with follow-up, with communication, prescriptions and clarity about billing. I couldn’t ask for more.

    Rehema Carter

    Liver cirrhosis - Rwanda

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