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Dr Nosipho Maponya

Pretoria , South Africa HPCSA accredited Instant appointment confirmation ZAR 3,000 standard consultation fee


  • Exceptional Paediatrician in Pretoria, South Africa.
  • 15+ treating general paediatric conditions.
  • Provides quality and holistic paediatric treatment.

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In-person consultation  (ZAR 3,000)
Medical  Procedure
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About Dr Nosipho Maponya

Dr Maponya is a leading Paediatrician in Pretoria, specialising in child health, growth, and development. With 15+ years of experience, she manages paediatric conditions like asthma and diabetes in children. Offering expertise in ADHD, autism symptoms, and food allergies, Dr Maponya provides comprehensive care tailored to each child's needs. Her focus on adolescent-related illnesses and congenital conditions sets her apart. Affiliated with top medical facilities such as Mediclinic Medforum Hospital, she ensures your child benefits from state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and treatments. Dr Maponya creates individualised treatment plans for childhood conditions such as eczema and child anxiety. Her holistic approach to paediatric care makes her a trusted name in child health and wellness.

Education & Career

  • MBChB
  • Fellow in Paediatrics
    College of Medicine South Africa

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Pretoria, South Africa

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